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Professional Motorsport Services

Motorsport Performance Solutions Ltd. provides freelance motorsport engineering services to professional race teams, drivers, manufacturers and championship organisers.

We specialise in motorsport electronics systems and have vast experience in data logging and analysis, control system strategies, dash display configuration, powerbox calibration and vehicle performance tuning. 


MPS can work with numerous competition vehicles and electronics packages, but specialise in Cosworth electronics systems and cars equipped with their products, especially Porsche Motorsport vehicles, having previously worked for both companies.

Check out the 'ABOUT' section for more information on the motorsport vehicles that MPS's director was involved in developing electronic systems of, through his previous employment, which includes the BMW M6 GT3, Bentley Continental GT3, RenaultSport RS01, NGTC and Porsche 991 Cup.

Our on event data and video system operation services include; vehicle systems and hardware monitoring, driver analysis and development, chassis dynamics analysis and setup optimisation, endurance fuel strategy planning, vehicle and component lifing and car to pit telemetry system operation.

We can also work with teams and drivers to "run" their cars throughout their on track activity including session planning, tyre management, fuel management and radio system control.

With a significant involvement in the past with the support of scrutineering of one make championships, including the Porsche Carrera Cup, Renault Clio Cup and Caterham R300 series', MPS has extensive knowledge of the requirements to keep the field fair and equal and what to look out for when competitors try to gain an unfair advantage. 

MPS can work with series organisers to develop and support scrutineering logger systems to monitor competitors vehicles, to ensure parity throughout the field.

Due to the condensed nature of the modern race calendars, MPS offer a flexible range of services which includes; full race season support, part season support, specific event support, individual test event support, simulator session support, post event data analysis, team personnel training, PiToolbox workbook setup, including maths channel creation and Toolset setup configuration.

MPS are based in the UK but are willing to travel and work worldwide.  

For all enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us via the various methods listed on this site.



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