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Club Motorsport Services

At MPS, motorsport is not only our business it is also our passion. When we aren't engaged in our professional motorsport activities, we are busy building our own track projects and trawling the internet viewing other people's pride and joy creations in their home garages.


With an active involvement in both the professional and club motorsport worlds, similarities and differences between the two ends of the industry are easy to see. With the gap between the pro and club racing communities ever decreasing in terms of mechanical componentry, the stand out difference between the two, is the use of data acquisition and analysis, to improve both car and driver development.

To most club level racers and track day goers, data acquisition typically appears to be a dark and expensive art, with little benefit to themselves and with the electronics systems of old, this was a valid opinion. However, recent advances in motorsport electronics, in terms of both cost and usability, means that this is simply no longer the case and Motorsport Performance Solutions wants to get more club racers and track day goers, to utilise these systems and reap the benefits that they offer.

MPS have developed staged data acquisition packages, designed to introduce novices into data analysis, via GPS based Video systems, which allow the user to analyse driving lines and basic driving techniques. All the way through to professional loggers and display solutions, which will allow the user to fully analyse the driver's inputs, as well as vehicle parameters, such as traction levels, braking balance,  chassis dynamics, damper control and systems operation.

In addition to supplying tailored hardware solutions, MPS can also provide training and documentation to help users operate their systems proficiently, as well as extract and analyse the data fully, in order to develop on track.

MPS has invested in it's own Data and Video systems which we can offer to customers to hire out for use on track and test days, fully supported by MPS. These systems can be shared amongst several cars during a day, in order to minimise the costs to individual users.


The easiest way to improve as a driver via data analysis, is to compare yourself to someone faster within the same machinery, to analyse the driving styles and also, if a pro driver is used, the performance limits of the car.

From our work within the top levels of professional motorsport, we have a large network of professional racing drivers, which we can utilise to drive your car, setting reference data laps, as well as providing expert feedback on chassis setup etc.

If you are interested in more information, or would like to utilise our services, please do not hesitate to contact us via the methods listed on this site.

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