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Motorsport Performance Solutions Ltd are a UK based Professional Motorsport Engineering company specialising in motorsport electronics systems, data analysis and vehicle performance engineering.

We provide professional data and performance engineering services to racing teams, drivers, manufacturers and series organisers as well as supplying a carefully selected range of electronics products to suit both the amateur and professional performance vehicle markets.

MPS is run by Ben Newman, a degree qualified motorsport engineer with almost 10 years experience within the industry and a CV that boasts Caterham Motorsport, Porsche Motorsport and Cosworth Electronics.


With experience of working with both competition vehicle manufacturers and customer teams, we have built up a broad understanding of what is required from performance vehicle electronics.

From this experience we have selected a range of performance electronics that are designed to support the operation of performance vehicles as well as to help improve driver performance. 

Our product range covers everything from the 'data novice' track day driver through to the professional competition vehicle manufacturer.

We have invested in our own video and data systems which we are able to hire out to test and track day customers including our expert guidance and support.


From working with teams competing in one of the most competitive GT racing championships in the world, through to attending your local mid-week track day, and everything in between, Motorsport Performance Solutions have an active involvement throughout the motorsport and performance vehicle industries.

Keep up to date with both our and our customer's, latest on track activities, through our social media pages.

Motorsport is not just our business, it's our passion and we continuously have our own projects running in the background.

You can follow all MPS activity on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as Motorsport Performance Solutions.


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